Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Today was busy. I started in the morning doing a critique for workshop. Then I went to campus to see my teachers at their office hours. First I went to see Brad, to tell him some of the thoughts I had to finish the interview. I needed a better opening since it seems right now to jump in mid conversation. I also told him I'd like him to tell a story, and he had one come to mind. So we'll probably get together sometime towards the end of next week.

Then I met with Geoffrey Wolff. He loves to talk. It's nice meeting with him. We went over the new hire situation. Tomorrow the search staff is meeting with all us MFAs so see what we think.

Plus, I told Wolff that many of us really wanted a craft class. He understood that, explained why we didn't have one, and then what we should do. So we made a plan: tomorrow at the meeting, he'll inconspicuously ask at the end if we have anything to say in general about the program, which will be my cue to voice our dissatisfaction with having no craft class, how that a key thing that needs to be addressed. This way it will have more weight as a key. So we'll see.

Tonight there was an MFA reading, which was good. One of my classmates read from a work that he'll be handing out tomorrow, so it will be interesting to read it on paper and critique it after hearing it read.

The rest of the week promises to be busy: meetings, workshop, Saturday night there'll be a birthday party for one of my classmates and Sunday will be another reading in Long Beach.

A need a long break that I won't be getting anytime soon.

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